“Hi, everybody, and a very pleasant good evening to you, wherever you may be.”

– Vin ScullyIMG_8778

The first time I visited Dodger Stadium was August 9th, 2000, not long after moving to Los Angeles. I hesitate to say that I went to a Dodger game. I was there only because my (then) beloved Chicago Cubs were in town.

As someone who grew up with Harry Caray on WGN, it was only fitting that I had Vin Scully as a fixture on my television and it wasn’t long before I found myself cheering for the Dodgers (as long as they weren’t playing the Cubs). Even though Vin has long professed to be a neutral commentator, the way he calls a game made it impossible to not become a Dodger fan. I absorbed the team’s enormously rich history one story at a time, and within a few seasons the Dodgers became my favorite team, no strings attached.

And it was all Vin’s fault.

Even though I was very late to the party, Vin and the Dodgers have been a big part of summer nights for a major chunk of my life. The goal of A Very Pleasant Good Evening is to serve as a personal scrapbook of Vin’s final season. There will be recaps from every game attended, along with other random stories and photos. While the uninformed may think of baseball as boring and predictable, true fans know that every game tells its own unique story.

Thanks for reading this far. If you’d like to know more about who’s writing this thing, my name’s Todd Munson. I live in Los Angeles with my wife and our two cats.