So long, April. The Dodger Fam Won’t Miss You.

I’m heading to the Ravine shortly for my first home game of May. As we saw last night, the Dodgers’ first game back in Blue Heaven after the calendar turned ended just like so many in April, with an excruciatingly frustrating loss. 

There’s still five months left in the season to turn things around but all signs are pointing to 2018 being longest season in over half a decade. 

I was in Section 2 for six games in April and saw the Dodgers win exactly one of those, a 9-0 romp over the Giants on Easter Sunday. The other five games aren’t even worth dwelling on. It really hurts to see a team that was so close to winning it all play such uninspired baseball. 

If the World Series hangover continues to hover over the stadium like a marine layer of doom as we move towards summer, there’s only one thing to do.

Show up at the ballpark and cheer your ass off for the Boys in Blue.

Opening Day adjacent pics of my lovely wife and myself from 2013 – 2018.

In retrospect, maybe it’s not a good sign that the best upgrade the Dodgers made all year was adding tall-boy sized coozies at the beer stands.

Cheers to this guy for not remembering the horrors of November 1, 2017.

It was great to see that Chuck is still holding down the same seat he’s had since 1975.

It was also great to see that Marc was starting the season in mid-season form.

Chicken n’ Waffles might be my favorite new item at the concession stand.

A Days of Thunder jacket ibeats any obscure jersey I’ve seen at the stadium so far this season.


Our friends Diamond and Mike got season tickets in Section 4 and have been sitting with us until they eventually get kicked out by the perpetual latecomers who sit next to us.

The Dodgers are down 16-6 in the 9th inning of April game? Yeah, the stadium is going to be a little empty.

I’m someone who grew up walking a mile to school in all kinds of horrible weather and living in California has made me so soft I had to break down and buy a new jacket in the middle of a game. Marc was perfectly warm though.

But in my defense, even Chuck was cold. Or the Dodgers were making him cry.

Even with the season starting in the toilet, Dodger Stadium remains the best mobile workspace in town.

Oh hai, Kenley.

At least I can say I saw Kershaw pitch this season.

Come back soon, buddy.