It’s Time… to Enjoy the Ride

Here we are. The Dodgers are just a few hours away from beginning their 2017 playoff run. The Arizona Diamondbacks are the first obstacle blocking their path to the World Series.

This is exactly where we want the Boys in Blue to be. And this is exactly where they’ve been the previous four seasons.

Will this year be any different?

It certainly feels like it but then again the Baseball Gods are a fickle, fickle bunch as we were reminded time and again over the course of the season. From the Dodgers’ slow start that gave fans serious concerns about the Dbacks and Rockies running away with the division, to breaking off a 43 and 7 run before losing 16 out of 17 games and making fans fear the absolute worst.

Along the way, there was absolute madness, and Rich Hill’s heartbreaking near miss at perfection, and a kid named Cody who arrived a year early and set the National League record for rookie home runs and brought the crowd at Chavez Ravine to its feet every time he stepped to the plate.

While this blog went MIA over the course of the regular season thanks to the combo of real life getting in the way and an overall feeling of impatience to get back to the main event of the playoffs, I did manage to make some wonderful memories at the ballpark over the course of 36 games viewed from our summer home in Section 2. I made some new friends, reconnected with old friends, and had a lot of laughs. And that’s what a baseball season should be all about.

To me, the summer of 2017 was reminiscent of the summer of 1987 when I obsessively tried to beat Super Mario Bros. If you remember the game, then you know it’s a long slog to get to Bowser at the end. Back in the Golden Age of video games, there was no such thing as saving a game. All you could do was hit pause and hope your little brother didn’t come along and sabotage your efforts. But if you made it to Bowser and ran out of lives, your only option was to start over to at the beginning. If memory serves. I came up short three times before I finally rescued Princess Toadstool.

Here’s hoping the firth time is the charm for these Dodgers.

2017 Regular Season Recap

Games Attended: 36 
W/L Record:
25-11 (including a 19 game winning streak!)
Dodger Dogs consumed: 18
Pounds of peanuts consumed: 9.5 (had a lot of help)
Beers: Lost count
Red Bull Vodka Slushies: 1
Dole Whips: 4
Nacho Helmets: 0 (new record)
Balls Snagged: 5

The Regular Season in Tweets