Game 1: Dodgers 3 – Diamondbacks 1

The matchup: Dodgers vs Diamondbacks (4.13.16)
Special Guest: My wife.
Snacks: Dodger Dog w/ spicy mustard and onions (the only way to dress one), garlic fries, Heineken, churro.
Giveaway: Hooded Sweatshirt
Memorable Moment: Kobe Bryant getting the biggest cheers of the night.

Dodger Stadium Sign

Dodger Stadium’s new address.

RECAP:  Rolling up Vin Scully Avenue for the very first time, I took a moment to bask in the glory of Dodger Stadium’s new address and pay tribute to the East Side Kings. The East Side Kings were the closest thing my Nebraska high school had to a “real” gang. It was tradition for those dozen or so dudes to skip the first day of school and roll hard on day two, all decked out in the finest LA Kings gear that could be found at the Conestoga Mall.

For my wife and myself, the day after Opening Day has become our traditional first day back at the ballpark. I couldn’t help but feel a little East Side King-ish when we got to our seats and our neighbors said they were wondering if we’d be back. I thought for sure they’d know how we do it by now. This is our third season in the same spot and all the regulars in our section know each other which has given our section a real Cheers like vibe.

This game also marked our 11th season together. One of our very first dates was a Dodger game and lucky for me, I was only kidding when I tried talking her into stealing a tub of spicy mustard. As someone who only knew the world of Field Level corporate seats, our first game together was a whole new experience for her, starting with buying some strongly haggled tickets off a scalper in the parking lot behind the Left Field Pavillon. Oh the fun you could have in the days before StubHub.


11 seasons together and still trying to get on that Kiss Cam.

As for this game, the snakes struck first but Adrian Gonzalez got things tied up with a solo bomb to right center field. The Dodgers then pulled away in the fifth thanks to a couple of errors by the Diamondbacks that led to a pair of runs. Kenley Jansen sparred fans the horror of seeing the bullpen in action by coming on for a five out save that required only 18 pitches.

It was a great start to a new season at Chavez Ravine.