Game 7: Mets 4 – Dodgers 3

The matchup: Dodgers vs Mets (5.11.16)
Special Guest: A solo mission (due to overly complicated reasons) in which I played bobblehead Sherpa.
Snacks: Brooklyn sauerkraut sausage, a slice of banana cream pie the size of my head and two Dodger Lagers.
Giveaway: Dave Roberts bobblehead.
Memorable Moment: Eating a slice of banana cream pie that was the size of my head.


The biggest highlight of an otherwise lousy game was discovering that the Stadium Club serves the best Banana Cream Pie in Los Angeles.

RECAP: This was the only game of the Mets series I was able to attend. Thanks to pulling consecutive all-nighters leading up to it, this game was the perfect surreal experience for my first visit to the Stadium Club.

Earlier in the day, my lovely wife enlisted me to pick up an extra Dave Roberts bobblehead for a co-worker who wasn’t going to be able to make the game. Dude just wanted one so he sent me just a single ticket, which happened to include admission to the Stadium Club. With a brain that was functioning as poorly as any pitch in Chris Hatcher’s current arsenal, I decided the best thing to do would be to go to the game solo, snag the bobbleheads, and see finally what the Stadium Club was all about.

I left my flip flops and favorite offensive sleeveless t-shirt at home and rolled to the game all business casual.


Obligatory bad Stadium Club selfie.

My immediate reaction to walking into the Stadium Club was “Where have you been all my life?” I’ve been to the Baseline Clubs a few times but the Stadium Club is on an entirely different level. I didn’t have a reservation so I wandered around before pulling up a seat at the bar.


The buffet is the main event at the Stadium Club


You guys… Dodger Stadium has a pizza oven.


The view of the field from the rail. To snag one of these seats, you’d want to make a reservation. The Stadium Club does two seatings, one before the game and one during.


Hello my friends.

The only drawback to the Stadium Club (if you even want to call it that) is that it’s so much its own world that you can forget there’s a game happening. The TV directly in front of me was playing Kansas City’s game against the Yankees. When it ended, it cut to an infomercial for the world’s greatest wheelbarrow and I was immediately entranced.

Wheelbarrel Infomercial

The WORX Aerocart transforms from wheelbarrow to upright dolly and can even pull a trailer thanks to its built-in ball hitch.

Luckily, a third inning bomb from Corey Seager broke the Aerocart’s spell right before I was ready to start making a few easy payments.


My first apartment in LA was smaller than this TV.


The view from the Stadium Club during the game.

I departed the Stadium Club for our seats in the top of the fourth but didn’t make it until the bottom of the sixth. I got distracted by all the great artwork on the walls of the Club Level. And then there was the issue of a food coma that was quickly setting in.


Such a fantastic color combo.


Just taking a guess but I think these are signs from Dodgertown in Vero Beach, FL.


A poster-size program from when Brooklyn Dodgers toured Japan at the end of the 1956 season.


Every Dodger legend who was on the field with Vin on Opening Day signed this jersey. I didn’t check but I assume it’s bolted to the wall.


Had a sweet little food coma induced nap going until someone kicked me awake to ask if Syndergaard really hit a second home run.